Cone Board

"You know what would be REALLY cool.."

As with most of our ideas, this one came to us during a smoke session. One of those times you say " you know what would be REALLY cool..." and out came the idea for a RAWdiculous Cone Board. if you smoke a lot of RAW cones (and we know you do), it makes sense to want a RAWconeboard

It was harder to make then we thought! It took 8 prototypes, and probably 50 wipe-outs, before this 9-layer Maple coneboard was perfected. It's not always the easiest board to ride, in fact it can be downright tricky. Just like cones: They're not the easiest style to roll, but they smoke so good that it's worth the effort. Its a piece of RAWkandroll memorabilia that will go down in history. Carve with it till the day it gets lost, stolen, crushed or all good boards do