Organic Pouch

RAW Natural Authentic Pipe Tobacco is grown in America and consists of a carefully chosen blend of pure Virginia tobacco with a style of Burley tobacco that was once grown by George Washington. It is flavored with Canadian maple sugar, the finest Belgian dark chocolate, English Liquorice, Guyana Fair Trade cane sugar, and cocoa bean powder from Venezuela.

The leaves are hand-selected for the best smoking qualities by our experts. The tobacco is then barn-cured using a centuries-old process. During curing, the starch in the leaves is transformed into sugar and our tobacco changes color from green to lemon, to yellow, to orange, to a rich beautiful brown.

The smell is so splendidly delicious that trying to describe it with words is an impossible task. We ask that you pause before you take the first sniff, because its aroma is such a treat that you will want to remember that first sniff forevermore. Yes, it’s that good.

Tobacco products are available worldwide on a country by country basis For more information please contact Mac Baren Tobacco

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