Wiz Tips

I’ve been friends with Wiz and Chevy Woods for a long time. We roll up together and have shared a lot of our rolling techniques. When it comes to tips though, we don’t agree. I made the original RAW Hemp Cotton tips wide because my roots blessed me with a pair of big Mick Jagger size lips that I don’t want to let a burning ember get anywhere near.

Wiz liked the material of my hemp cotton tips but wanted them skinnier like the RAW classic tips so he could fit more in each smoke. One day before a show we were all rolling up and I was watching Wiz cut my hemp cotton tips in half – like he always does and I knew what had to be done. We all came together that night and the result are WIZ’s Hemp Cotton rolling tips.

I hope you enjoy them as much as Wiz does!


Founder of RAW Rolling Papers

Why RAW & Wiz

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