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RAW Black Bandana

The Raw Bandana is a blend of both contemporary and classic style. An instant collectible, this bandana is as unique and distinctive as you are.

With its distressed paisley design the Raw Bandana is perfect for hanging on your wall, dressing up man’s best friend, or wearing it yourself.

RAW Bright Red Bandana

Our black bandana is a classic, but sometimes you feel like being a little more bold. This vibrant red bandana is bright AF and lets the whole world know you are loud, proud and rocking the best!

RAW Scarf

Stay warm with the RAW Winter Scarf. The tan scarf looks most like RAW paper packaging, while the black scarf boasts both the RAW logo and a larger version of the “Purest Natural Flavors” seal.

These medium-length scarves are made from extra soft fibers and are sure to keep you toasty while you enjoy your favorite RAW papers.

RAW Vegan Soft Combed Cotton Scarf

Our RAW Pashmina-sized Vegan Soft Scarf is a joy for the senses. Extra soft and generously sized to cover all the right places – this RAWthentic scarf lets everyone know that you’re living your best #RAWLife.

RAW Ultra Soft Vegan Fashion Scarf

Knit from supersoft Beachwood fiber, this 46”x46” RAWtastic scarf in vibrant red has a silky appearance and ultra-soft plush feel. Perfect for the autumn chill.

Hand washable.

RAW Supersoft Fashion Face Mask

The RAW supersoft face mask! Made of supersoft Beachwood fiber with a cotton jersey backing and formable nosepiece. We think it’s the softest, most comfortable face mask that is truly RAWesome!

Not a medical device. Not intended for medical purposes.

RAW Brazil Board Shorts

Show off your RAWthentic style on those hot summer days with the RAW Brazil Board Shorts.  Made from a superlight and quick-drying material, the RAW Brazil Board Shorts have self-draining side pockets that are ready for land or sea (and everything in between).  The lay-flat waistband also uses a drawstring closure, so the board shorts stay up while keeping you comfortable.  Made in Brazil, these RAWesome board shorts are straight from the beaches of Rio to RAWthentic retailers everywhere!

Available in men’s sizes: 32”, 34”, 36”, 38” & 40”

RAW Socks

RAW has released the purest form of comfort and style in footwear with these RAW classic knit socks. The RAW Socks are slim, lightweight and have an extended cuff for a snugger fit.  The Y-G light cushioned heel also adds comfort and durability to this RAWesome sock.

One size fits all.

Check Out the Video!

RAW Black Smoker Ring

The RAW Black Smoker Ring is finally here, and it’s perfect!  Use the ring as a tip so you never have to share your RAW Black with a stranger again.  Just slide your RAW into the tapered hole and smoke away!  Tested by our smoker friends for 6+ months to make sure the matte black finish will maintain.  Made exclusively for the next generation of smokers who prefer top shelf smoking materials in RAW Black Papers.

Available in sizes 8-11.

Check Out the Video!

RAW Gold Smoker Ring

The RAW Gold Smoker Ring is 24k gold plated and can be used as a tip so you never have to share with a stranger again!  Just slide your RAW into the tapered hole and enjoy!

We’re especially proud of this beautiful RAW Gold Smoker Ring and it’s greatest function is when your friend has a cold and passes you a RAW.  This way you can smoke extra clean!

Available in sizes 6-13.

Check Out the Video!

RAW Lighter Ring

The original beautiful RAW lighter ring is back! Based on a handcrafted ring that was purchased at a Bangkok flea market. This original design sold out in 2010, but you guys loved it so much we brought it back just for you. It spins but is not a working lighter (so you don’t end up lighting you or your clothes on fire 🔥) and it’s only available in limited quantities. This is a bad ass ring for smokers that makes us all smile when we look at it. 😎

Available sizes 8-11

RAW Gold Poker

Pack your RAW Cones in style with the beautiful RAW Gold Poker!  Hand stamped with the RAW logo and fitted with a braided unrefined hemp cord so you can RAWk it as a necklace.

The RAW Gold Poker is the ultimate accessory for true RAWkers!

RAW Lanyard

Need an awesome way to carry your keys around? Introducing the the new RAW Lanyard! Made of sturdy nylon fabric and a swivel hook clasp, your stuff is sure to stay securely around your neck.

The RAW Lanyard now features an alligator clip with the swivel hook clasp.

RAW Poker Laces

As good as our RAW Poker Laces look, their function is even more impressive.  Featuring elongated, durable metal shoelace tips (aglets) for having s stealth poker always on hand (or foot) – these are some James Bond level laces. A perfect gift for the avid smoker that has everything.

RAW Mini Boss Man Pin

Bring the boss man with you everywhere with this limited edition lapel pin.  The RAW Mini Boss Man Pin will stay extra secure wherever you stick him with his double pin backing,

Made from high quality metals for durability – this pin is a serious collector’s item.

RAW Tiny Baby Lungs Tray Pin

The RAW Tiny Baby Lungs Tray Pin – the itsy bitsiest, teeny tiniest rolling tray RAW has to offer, now available on a pin!  Perfect for handing your friend with the baby lungs to roll his own when he can’t handle your RAWesome rolls.


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