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Smoking Waste Recycling

Natural smokers
Keep It Green

RAW Rolling Papers is proud to announce our new initiative to recycle smoking waste at select events: Keep It Green.  We’re partnering with TerraCycle, the world leader in recycling innovation, to take your smoking waste and recycle it into industrial products like plastic pellets and park benches.

How does it work?

At Keep It Green events, we will hand out RAW Pocket Ashtrays to everyone and put Keep It Green Butt Bins throughout the venue.  Use your RAW Pocket Ashtray while smoking naturally, then dump your smoking waste into a Keep It Green Butt Bin when you’re done.  We’ll pack it up and send it to a regional TerraCycle facility for recycling.

What can be recycled with
Keep It Green?

Recyclable smoking waste items include:

  • Rolling papers (new or used)

  • Extinguished cigarette butts

  • Cigarette filters

  • Paper tips

  • Ash

  • Cellophane packaging

  • Inner foil

  • Loose tobacco

  • Smokable herbs

  • RAW Pocket Ashtray

The pocket ashtray can be recycled too?!

Yes, you can even recycle RAW Pocket Ashtrays at Keep It Green events!  We hope you save it for later and get the most use possible out of our pocket ashtrays, but if it’s done then please dispose of it in a Keep It Green Butt Bin so TerraCycle can recycle it for you.

Please do not dispose of any gum or wet items in your pocket ashtray.  We can’t recycle it if you do that, so please – NO LIQUIDS.

What smoking related items can’t be recycled with
Keep It Green?

Non-recyclable smoking waste items:

  • Lighters

  • E-Cigs

  • Vape Pens

  • Cartridges

  • Liquids in any form

  • Batteries

  • Glass, metal or wooden pipes

  • Water pipes

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Keep It Green

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