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The goal was to save 100 lives.

The Raw Team with founder Josh Kesselman donated $10,000 to Wine to Water and worked together to achieve the goal. Across the globe, more than 6,000 children—mostly under the age of 5, die from water-related illnesses every year. Raw donated to Wine To Water and help create sustainable solutions to that problem, building wells, educating local populations on proper sanitation practices and raising awareness.

We’ve been very fortunate with the tremendous success of RAW. We know it’s important to give back and make the world a little bit better.

“Basically we’ve been very very very lucky and fortunate in the past few years. With this good fortune I know it’s important to try and pass that luck onto others, especially others who truly need it. I then had a thought, what could I do to save 100 lives? I contacted my friend who is a professor at UBC and a philanthropist and posed the question: If you had $10,000 to donate and the goal was to save 100 lives for the long term, what would you do with that money.

He said without pause “Water Josh, clean water is the nicest thing you can do for people and it can create long term better lives for hundreds of people”. Then I set about trying to find an organization to work with. He put me in touch with Tufts University and they recommended a particular Water well project charity that worked in Africa. I worked with that charity and was about to send them the money when they contacted me and said they were sorry but they consider us a tobacco company and they won’t accept money from a tobacco company.”

“I was flabbergasted and frustrated. However rather than giving up I vented my frustration on Facebook. Our fans on RAW told us about an organization they knew of called Wine to Water, run by a very good person named Doc Hendley. I contacted Doc and explained to him my goal and what I had been through. He was very receptive and we formulated a plan to dig our own well in Southern Ethiopia. In the end, we are servicing 500 villagers with a 40 meter deep well that should be sustainable for hundreds of years. We will continue to give sustaining donations to our well to ensure it is properly up kept and maintained. Doc and I believe we have achieved our goal. In the end, none of this would have been possible had it not been for the huge success of RAW and Elements.”
– Josh, Founder of RAW Rolling Papers

Want to know why we choose this particular town? The short story is that we came across this short story; HERE


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