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Entries are closed, thank you for your interest in this RAWESOME EVENT!!!
Hope to do it again in the very near future so stay tuned!

How to Enter:

RAW invites you to participate in the RAW Golden Ticket Social Media Sweepstakes which will carefully select 10 winners to privately tour the RAW Factory in Benimarfull, Spain, visit old abandoned factories in the region, visit the Banyeres museum of paper, and participate in other activities, and spend time with us as an inside friend. There are two ways to enter, but Instagram is preferred (because TikTok prefers pretzels). Don’t forget to register first!

This first event is for US passport holders only, but there is also something incredible in the works to include more countries soon! We want to uplift the entire world!!

WHEN DO I NEED TO SUBMIT MY ENTRIES BY? The submission period for the Contest will end on April 20, 2023 11:59 PM, Arizona Time (“the Entry Period”). BBK will not verify receipt of entries.

BEFORE MAKING A VIDEO, first please register using the form below so we can have your contact information in case you win and it helps us look out for your video. Plus it helps you understand what we’re looking for in the video! You only need to register one time (no need to register multiple times).

  • Via Instagram: Follow @rawlife247 During the Entry Period, after registering, post a video that is no longer than :60 seconds following the video guidelines below (your Instagram profile settings must be set to public during the Sweepstakes Period and for twenty (20) days thereafter). Posts must include the hashtags: #RAWGoldenTicket and tag @rawgoldenticket

Please don’t forget to tag @rawgoldenticket because we want to see your video!


  • Via TikTok: Follow @rawkandrolling During the entry period post a video that is no longer than :60 seconds following the video guidelines below. Then fill out the TikTok entry form below. Entrants must include the hashtag: #RAWGoldenTicket – Please be extra careful to follow tiktok’s community guidelines as they can be very strict.

Show us your RAW related trick or technique that you want to share with the world – the kinds of things you’d teach your friends in the circle. Please keep it clean and adult age appropriate. We are all one big RAW community!

The Video Guidelines:

Those who really want to take part will speak from the heart. What we need to see is who you really are, because this trip goes very far. We are opening ourselves up in the most vulnerable way, to show you hidden secrets that have been tucked away. 

Imagine we are in a sesh circle together. The RAW is passed to you, and as you exhale you share something amazing to blow everyone’s mind – perhaps a story about a time you were smoking a RAW and something incredible happened. In sesh circles we call that the “remember the time that…” stories! Or, show a RAW related trick or technique that you want to share with the world – the kinds of things you’d teach your friends in the circle. We are all one big RAW community! Knowledge and stories get us all higher together! So here’s your chance to uplift the world. Be your incredible, true, vulnerable self – open your heart and let your light shine for all the world to see – and hopefully you will join me!

If you don’t understand the meaning of what I’ve said, shoot a video anyway! Imagine you and I and some friends are in a sesh circle sharing stories and techniques and what you’d want to say, the words will surely come your way 

What matters most is that you have an open heart and mind, and are willing to join me on this adventure as a friend. Don’t worry about details like the quality of the video, lay down your walls and speak your truth.


  • Ten (10) Golden Ticket Package, includes:
    • One roundtrip airfare ticket to Spain
    • Hotel/lodging for 4 nights/2-person occupancy
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 days (1 person)
    • Ground transportation to Sponsor-hosted event/s
    • Tour of the RAW Factory in Benimarfull, Spain
    • Optional tours of old mills/factories in the region
    • Tour of Museo Valenciano del Papel (if available)
  • Golden Ticket holder requirements
    • Meet all Eligibility Requirements
    • Adherence to security and safety procedures while on-site at the factory and other events and venues

TikTok Entry:


  • Videos entered Via TikTok need to fill out the form below in addition to posting to TikTok with the hashtag: #RAWGoldenTicket – videos entered on Instagram do not need this extra step.


21+ to Enter Site