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The 11th Annual RAW Display Contest


2nd and 3rd Place

1st Place – DLV INC. 420 BLOOMINGTON

2nd Place – HQ SMOKE & VAPE

3rd Prize – DJ’S BEER & TOBACCO


How It's Done

Last year’s RAW Retailer Display Contest was a smokin’ success! We really appreciate all of the amazing contestants showcasing their RAW Creativity to show us some love. You guys really uplifted RAW last year, and this year we want you to do it again for the 11th annual RAW Display Contest!!

If this is your first Display Contest or your 11th, please read the rules and instructions carefully. But, here’s a short version:

1. Sign up for the contest by November 6, 2020.
2. We’ll send your free RAW Swag Bag.
3. Use your RAW Swag Bag and other RAW products to make a RAWkin’ store display. This year’s theme is RAWK THE VOTE!
4. Submit images to us DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MONDAY, DECEMBER 21st, 2020.
5. Win RAWsome cash prizes!!

What are the prizes?!

– 1st Place: $2,500 CASH

– 2nd Place: $1,000 CASH

– 3rd Prize: $500 CASH

We’ve extended our deadline to Monday, December 21st. Winners will be now be announced January 2021.
All entries will be judged by RAW Founder, Josh, who will personally choose the winners. He’s got a keen eye for this stuff (obviously!). He’s eager to see what our RAWthentic Retailers can come up with next!

Get Your Free RAW Swag Bag

Just click the “SIGN UP” tab above and fill out the form by November 6, 2020. Then, we will send you a free RAW Swag Bag!* We’re going all out for the 11th RAW Display Contest, this year’s RAW Swag Bag is HUGE!

The RAW Swag Bag includes:
• RAW Posters
• RAW Do Not Disturb Sign
• RAW Inflatable Cone (6 ft.)
• RAW Rolling Tray & Magnetic Tray Cover
• RAW Mini Rolling Tray
• RAW Poker Laces
• RAW Lanyards
• RAW Playing Cards
• RAW Magnifying Card

*Must be an existing HBI wholesale client with a retail operation to be eligible for free RAW Swag Bag.

Make An In-Store Display

Now comes the fun part – making your store’s RAW display! This year, we want our RAWthentic Retailers to roll with patriotic RAW Displays, because we’re going with a RAWK THE VOTE theme! Voting has never been so important! Choose carefully and please vote for LOVE! We want you to be as creative as possible coming up with your store’s display. The sky’s the limit!!

The RAW Swag Bag is a good starting point. We encourage you to use other RAW products for your display as well. Please keep the display up and visible from the storefront for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Our Lawyers Make Us Say This Part

Let’s be blunt, it would be a real bummer to be disqualified, so please click the “RULES” tab above to read the full rules before you get started.

Show Us Your Pics

After your team perfects your RAWesome in-store display, get some photos of your masterpiece for your official contest entry. Upload the best 6 pics you got of your RAW Display by using the Submit Entry Form under the “SUBMIT” tab. Be sure to use high-resolution images for it so we can actually see all the hard work you put into your display!

Win Cash Prizes!!

– 1st Place: $2,500 CASH

– 2nd Place: $1,000 CASH

– 3rd Prize: $500 CASH

Winners will be announced January 2021. All entries are judged by RAW Founder, Josh, who hand picks the winners. He’s got a keen eye for this stuff (obviously!) and is eager to see what our RAWthentic Retailers can come up with next!

Official Rules, Terms & Conditions

RAW Display Contest is only open to existing wholesale clients with a retail operation. Individuals and distributors do not qualify.

Please read the official rules for the 2020 RAW Display Contest carefully to ensure that your entry qualifies to receive prizes. Please note the rules below reflect extended deadlines.

  1. You must complete the Sign Up Form under the “SIGN UP” tab by November 6, 2020 to be entered into the contest. If you do not complete the Sign Up Form, you & your store will not be eligible to receive prizes. Emailing your RAW Sales Representative does not constitute as a RAW Display Contest entry.
  2. After completing the Sign Up Form, all eligible contestants will receive a RAW Swag Bag while supplies last. RAW Swag Bags are intended for promotional use only – not for resale.
  3. All contestants must make their RAW Display Contest entry easily visible from the storefront or inside the store. RAW Display Contest entries must remain in place for at least two weeks. (Bonus points for 4 weeks!)
  4. Entries must be comprised of predominantly RAW Rolling Papers products, but displays may contain other materials to aid in the construction of the display. Usage of cigarette tobacco, loose tobacco or other varieties of tobacco are prohibited. Entries that use any form of tobacco will be disqualified from the RAW Display Contest.
  5. All entries must be submitted by December 21st, 2020. Submissions received after December 21st, 2020 will be considered invalid and will not be eligible to receive a prize.
  6. Entries must be submitted through the Submit Entry Form under the “SUBMIT” tab on this page. Emailing pictures of your entry to your Sales Representative does not qualify as a submission to the RAW Display Contest.
  7. Entries will be judged by representatives of RAW Rolling Papers. Winners will be hand-picked by RAW Founder, Josh.
  8. 2020 RAW Display Contest Winners will be notified January 2021.
  9. Contestants must be an existing wholesale client of RAW Rolling Papers / HBI International with a retail operation in the United States to be eligible for the RAW Display Contest. Entries from individuals, businesses that operate outside of the United States, and/or distributors without a retail operation will be disqualified from the RAW Display Contest, and all subsequent benefits or prizes.
  10. After submission, RAW Display Contest entries become the property of RAW Rolling Papers. This includes the ability to use entries for our advertising and/or promotional usage for indefinite period of time. RAW Rolling Papers also reserves the right to use your business’ name & photos for marketing purposes without further compensation beyond the allotted prizes. Please read the Publicity Waiver at the bottom of the Submit Entry Form for more information.
  11. Taxes are the sole responsibility of the cash prize winners. Prizes will be awarded subject to your company’s policies regarding distribution of such awards. It is the entrant’s sole responsibility to conform to such policies.
  12. RAW Display Contest is void where prohibited.


Complete this form to enter into this year's display contest

Complete the form below to enter into the RAW Display Contest & get your free RAW Swag Bag!!

Please complete all required fields and submit by November 6, 2020. Average shipping time is 7-10 business days. Eligible contestants will receive a RAW Swag Bag while supplies last. RAW Swag Bags are intended for promotional use only – not for resale.


Upload pictures of your RAW Display Contest Entry!

Ready to submit your photos for the RAW Display Contest?! Use the form below to upload the pics of your RAW Display!

Please complete all required fields and upload 6 photos of your RAW Display Contest Entry below. DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING ENTRIES HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO MONDAY, DECEMBER 21ST. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED JANUARY 2021.



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