RAW On The Go Storage

RAW Pre-Rawlet

Keep your pre-rolls from getting crushed on a night out with the RAW Pre-Rawlet!  The reinforced exterior has the protection of a hard shell case but is wrapped in a wax coated fabric for increased durability.  We also used a super-tough silicone zipper to give you best odor protection possible.  And of course we went overboard protecting what’s inside the case with elastic bands on both sides, so you can safely carry up to 8 King Size RAW Cones with you because some nights 8 is enough….

RAW Pre-Rawlet: 5″ x 2 ¼”

RAW Smoker's Wallet (RAWlet)

The RAW Smoker’s Wallet is a perfect blend of style and functionality!  The RAWlet features a foil lined pocket to keep your smoking material fresh, a Velcro pocket to keep your smoking supplies secure and a folding top flap with an elastic band to ensure that it doesn’t open accidentally in your pocket or bag.

RAW Smoker’s Wallet: 6″ x 3 ½” (when closed)

RAW Pocket Ashtray

This portable pocket ashtray was originally made for Japan (where ashing on the street is illegal). We created a simple but magnificent solution – The RAW Pocket Ashtray!  Small enough to fit in your pocket so you can go anywhere with it, the RAW Pocket Ashtray has a heat resistant inner foil to extinguish your butt instantly when the flap is sealed shut.  It also has a snap button closure so it won’t open up and spill ashes in your pocket.

RAW Pocket Ashtray: 3″ x 3 ½” (when closed)

RAW Retro Metal Tube

Now there’s a better way to protect your pre-rolled RAW® Cones on the go! The Retro RAW® Metal Tubes holds up to a King Size RAW® Cone, and is made from strong aluminum like an antique cigar tube.

The screw-on, natural cork gasket lid protects against odors so you can discreetly carry your pre-roll while you’re out RAWking!

RAW Metal Tube: 4 ½” long

RAW Metal Slide Tin

This special re-usable metal tin case was created for when you’re smoking out the town or for RAWndom storage. Its RAWsome!

The RAW slide top tin makes carrying your essentials easy and stylish. Carry your papers, tips, material, whatever you need, to wherever you need it to be!

RAW Metal Slide Tin: 4 ½” x 2 ½” x 1″

RAW Cone Caddy

The RAW Cone Caddy was created to store your favorite pack of RAW Rolling Papers or pre-rolled cones in a sturdy tin so they won’t get crushed in your bag or pocket.  Carry six full RAW Cones in a special metal tin case with the RAW Cone Caddy!

Available in 2 sizes: 1¼ and Kingsize Slim
1¼ Cone Caddy: 3.5″ x 1.6″
KSS Cone Caddy: 4.5″ x 1.6″

RAW Metal Tin Box

The RAW Metal Tin Box is a special re-usable on the go storage box that was created to make carrying your smoking essentials easy and stylish. Perfect for keeping small amounts of anything in! It’s RAWsome!

RAW Die Hard Press

Don’t let all that good stuff at the bottom of your RAW Grinder go to waste. Get yourself a RAW Pollen Press to quickly and easily turn it into a single coin. The RAW Press comes with 4 inserts so you can compress your material into whatever size you need. Just load it up, put the insert on top and twist down the cap to compress.

RAW Classic Metal Paper Case

The RAW Metal Paper Case will keep your pack of RAW Rolling Papers safe in your pocket, purse, backpack, car – wherever!  The high-quality Metal Paper Case is sturdy and tough, with a hinged lid that snaps securely in place when you put your papers inside.  This is a must-have for serious RAWlers!

The RAW Classic Metal Paper Case comes in two sizes: Kingsize Slim and 1 ¼”.

RAW Organic Metal Paper Case

No More Damaged packs of RAW!!!! The RAW Metal Paper Case will keep your pack of RAW Organic Rolling Papers safe when you’re on the move!  The super sturdy Metal Paper Case is made from high-quality metal and has a hinged lid that snaps securely in place when you put your papers inside.  This RAW on the go storage product is a must-have for natural smokers!

The RAW Organic Metal Paper Case comes in two sizes: Kingsize Slim and 1 ¼”.

RAW Stainless Steel Paper Case

We brought our paper cases to another level!  Instead of tin, we listened to you and made a smaller production of cases in polished stainless steel.  That way it’s a nicer more minimalist look that you asked for. We crafted these from extra-durable stainless metal, then added a press latch to make sure it shuts securely and your papers stay secured.

KSS Case: 4.5″ x 1.75″ x 0.6″ (when closed)
300 Case: 3.4″ x 2.25″ x 0.6″ (when closed)


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